Sunday, April 15, 2012

More pictures from Spring Break

Notice some of these pictures are from the same spot of previous years. Our trip has become a family tradition. This year, we went to two baseball games, and a Suns game. We flew back out of Vegas.

Spring break Arizona/Vegas

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This time of year, our lives are dominated by Trey's basketball. His team just completed the regular season in 2nd place. They start the playoffs this Saturday. It is possible they will go to state. If they do, we will keep ya posted!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Father son trip!

Spring break a came and went and Trey and Rob took what has become an annual trip to Arizona for spring break. Their flight landed in Phoenix on Monday, and they arrived to rain. They had plans for a baseball game that night, and thought it would be rained out! The show went on. It was very cold, so cold Rob almost bought a jacket. The next day, they went to another game and were lucky enough to see Felix H pitch for the Mariners. The next day they had planned to spend the day with Rob friend Dave, but his family got sick, so they went shopping. That evening, they took in a Suns game. (Golfer Martin Kaymer sat in front of them) The next morning they flew back. Flew back of course to snowy Idaho! But, it was fun. We are planning our next trip and love to travel with friends, so let us know if you want to go. We are flexible! Alaska, San Fransisco, and of course Vegas are possible destinations. Give us a call!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


We had a great Christmas! Back from Vegas just in time. We all got everything we wanted. It is the first time we have been home for Christmas in a long time. Pictures of Trey, and one of what Jodi thinks of Christmas pictures! She is just mad she hasn't got her box of cereal yet from her mom.

Dinner with Friends!

While in Vegas, we went to dinner with our friends the Reich's. Dean has been Rob's friend since High School, but we haven't got together in about four or five years. The kids have grown so much! It was great to see them!

Vegas again, thanks BSU!

Trey had a game on Tuesday night, and we left for Vegas right after the game. We stayed in Wells and then on to Vegas on Wednesday. We went to the game that night. We stayed at the Luxor, and for the first time in awhile, we stayed in the pyramid, not the towers. The next day we stopped by to see Kim's family. In honor of the Goon's kids love of the all day buffet, we took a picture of the signs!